Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New look

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bill Cunningham

As i have a day off from work and the weather doesn't look very promisng,i decided to spend my time watching inspirational movies, and here is one, which i was absolutely amazed about, it's called Bill Cunningham New York and basically it's a documentary about a street style photographer who works in a New York Times, lives a very modest lifestyle and is absolutely inlove with clothes. 
 This kind of people are inspiring me to move forward no matter what and don't waste my energy, money and time on things that i don't need, the simpler you live the richer you are.
I highly recommend you guys to watch it, i will put a link here so you can watch it online

And here are some of my favourite's Bill Cunningham quotes:

- Fashion is the amour to survive everyday life-

- Money is the cheapest thing - liberty is the most expensive-

-He, who seeks beauty will find it-

Monday, 2 July 2012

god bless the ebay!

I'm soo happy with my recent purchases from ebay,
 finally my crazy cat lady dreams have come true! ^^

soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

i've also got an american flag jumper that i wanted for ages

i hope you all are having a nice summer even if the weather here in England is far from sunny and nice.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fashion inspiration

Here are some of my latest fashion related video discoveries
I hope you will like them as much as i do ^^

1. Lady Dior As Seen By - Garance Doré

2. PRADA presents "A THERAPY"

3. Alexander Wang x Alice Dellal x Dan Martensen

4.My Shoe Collection!

New arrivals

Here are some of my recent purchases:

1.I've got this jumper for just £2 from a charity shop and it was absolutely new with a tags. The brand is called "The Orphan's Arms" that i never heard about before, but when i checked their website their have a pretty decent clothes, such a shame that they are too pricey -

2. Another nice jumper in 60's style, i will probably wear this jumper with black skirt and black skinny jeans with my hair up in a bow.

Small, black John Lewis bag which will be my 2nd small bag, because i'm so used to a massive bags, because i could put everything on earth in them, but there are some situations in what carrying a big bag could become a problem (like go out and dance with your huge "forever alone style" or accidently hit somebody, who is sitting in a busy bus with it while you're trying to get out- been there-done that).

And the last but not least, my old bag which i decided to renew a  bit and make it look crazy and immature just like its owner.

Sometimes things could come for free

Soo as i'm a student at the moment it means that i'm kind of on my first stage of becoming an independent adult (boo), so i have to earn my own money which leaves me in a constant "broke gal" state, but to be honest there is a bright side of it. I become like an expert in saving money. Sales, charity shops, reduced shelfs, special offers, name it- i've done it. And my recent descovery is a Freebie websites where you literally  can get all sort of stuff for free, from skincare samples to books and food, it's all just comes to your hands for nothing! Everytime when a postman dropes these goodies in my letter box i feel like it's Christmas time and i'm a little girl running down the stars to get my presents, hhaha. And just to prove how awesome that is here is a photo of my recent freebies:

From the top left corner we have full sized facial wipes, a necklace, InStyle magazine, Smashbox foundation sample, Garnier body lotion, "The Tools" book (which apparently could help me to change my life, aha will see will see), chewing gum to help you loose weight (i'm not really into that sort of stuff, but if its free whyt not to give it a go?), protein shake, some perfume samples and face cream samples for 14 days.
I think now i can make a competition to a coupon queens!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Girl model

This is a documentary movie about a small town girl, whose dream is to become a successful model. The contrast between the "glamorous" and the real world is very strong. For the girl's parents modelling is the last hope to get some money in the family. This movie shows the real side of modelling, real tears, real pain, and the first steps towards a grown-up life.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Exhibition evening

I have officially finished my 2nd year of university guys! After the crazy night  of celebration, some of my housemates had moved out, so now it is only two of us in the house. At first we were very excited- the thought of that all house is ours made us really happy, because it means that we are not going to fight for the bathroom anymore and i can finally wear my old sweatpants and huge jumper- the outfit that just can't be worn in public haha 
But after couple of weeks the quietness got to us so me, my housemate and her friends decided to go to our University's annual Art exhibition where all the students who study design, fashion, photography and any other art related degree were showing their final work to everyone. 
It was my second time when I've been there, last year we went to see our Spanish friends' work and i really enjoyed that. I wasn't disappointed this time either! I love the atmosphere of the Art campus, people look very stylish, friendly and busy running up and down the "Fashion corridor", looking at them makes me so inspired and  creative. So anyway back to the exhibition i really liked the graphic design and illustration floor, i took a lots and lots of pictures so brace yourself people and i hope you will like them xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My long journey to a healthy lifestyle

As i mentioned before i'm currently into clean eating and exercises, but it's not like i'm crazy about diets and sport, neither do i desperately want to lose weight.  The reason why i decided to do it is because i want to have a nice toned body (currently my body looks like a pale marshmallow) not be ashamed of wearing very tight clothes and just feel good about myself really. I also have been feeling very exhausted during all these assignments time in uni and i didn't want to get addicted to energy drinks and coffee, that's why i started to think about changing my eating habits, but taking only a small step at the time. 
 The fights with my weight started when i was 12 years old. At that time i was a bit chubby but everyone tried their hardest to make me feel the fates person on earth. After all the bullying at school, hearing some offensive comments from my friends or even getting "are you really gonna eat all that?" from my family make me so angry and upset that i stopped eating for some time at all, then i started to drink teas without sugar, trying some healthy dishes without going all fuuu.  And after some time i started to look slimmer, i think it was also because my body was still growing and i didn't really starve myself all time, i always have been eating sweets and i will eat sweets till the day i die, but my main point is that at that time it was easier to lose weight than now. To be honest i don't want to lose weight i just want to learn how to stop myself of eating everything tasty in the house in one day and be able to eat only at times when i'm really hungry.

So now my current favourites in food and drinks are fruit and vegetable smoothies, cream soups, whole grain cereals, oat porridge and egg omelette with tomatoes. As a snack i choose to go with nuts, rosins and bio yogurt.

My favourite smoothie recipes are:

1. 2 bananas, 1 apple, 100g of strawberries and a bit of lemon juice blended all together.

2. 50g of grapes, 100g of a different kind of berries and lettuce mix it all together and enjoy!

That's all with eating, for my workouts routine i'm doing a bit of aerobics just to worm up a bit and then i'm doing a 30 min exercise of Pop Pilates from Cassey's Youtube channel

I will put these videos here in case if you guys will want to try them out

1. For warm up

2. Pop Pilates for the whole body and  a summer slimdown programme

Sorry for the long post xxx

I'll never get bored of a floral print

So today i went to see my lovely pupsik Aneta and we have discussed our street part ideas for the Jubilee which will be this Sunday, and i really looking forward for it!We will go on our special Jubilee shopping to buy napkins, flags with a union jack print on them and the Queen plates. I actually need to start thinking about my outfit, but one thing i know for sure -red lipstick will be a part of it!
In conclusion of this post here are some photos of what i wore today^^

1.T-shirt-River Island. 2. Skirt- Charity shop. 3. Converse Shoes. 4. Shades- New Look.

Monday, 28 May 2012

A day in the life

Hello everyone i can't believe i've just finished my 2nd year in university (one more year and hello scary  adult world) time goes  by so fast and i'm scared that i might miss something out in this life. That's why after my long depression in winter, awfully huge amount of work and lack of energy, i've decided to man up and get back to business. 

I know it will sound cheesy but I'm trying to  learn enjoy all the good things i have now and take the most of what i have. I've wrote a list of books  that i want and need to read, find old movies to watch and cheerful music to keep myself a  company. Moreover i've finally decided to get my chubby bum into shape, so i found those really challenging pilates workouts with a great, but annoyingly enthusiastic trainer that i'm trying to do at least three times a week, so i could finally start feeling those muscles growing ! I actually trying to eat clean as well but i'm really rubbish at it. I can't resist any form of chocolate or  Neapolitan's ice cream as well as PIZZA oh i'm definitely addicted to yummy food. But the good thing is that i learned to like healthy meals as well. So my current favourites are cream soups and smoothies. In my next post i'll tell about my long and sometimes challenging journey to a healthy lifestyle ^^
But going back to my main point, as part of my own way of getting back on track i've decided to say "yes" to any kind of opportunity that would come out. I will be working as a volunteer on a Vintage Festival in Jule as well as working as an assistant in a private hospital so i could earn some money for my "independent woman" lifestyle. But at the moment i've already applied for Jeffery West shoe competition and i don't know if i'll be successful or not but it always nice to think that you've tried your best. In addition to that i've been helping out at our university's UON Fashion Graduate Show that happened last week. To be honest i always get a bit over excited about everything and when i picture something in my head it is usually totally different of the reality. So i was a bit disappointed of doing basically nothing for whole day, apart of watching the actual show, taking pictures and eating a lot of free food. But overall i enjoyed talking to people, watching some talented fashion graduates designs and catching a tan outside, and this experience gonna look good on my cv as well, so no regrets just loove .
Anyway this post is already too long to keep you interested that's why it's a picture time now!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Freak like me

As you all aware i'm currently on my 2nd year studying Fashion Marketing and at one of our modules called Fashion Professional Practice we had to organise our own Fashion Show! First we have been devided into small teams that were responsible for a different sort of things, like PR campaign team, Styling, Fundraising and Online team. I was a member of  styling team what i was very happy about. We had to come up with a Fashion Show's theme and ideas, create looks for each theme and find a models for the actual show. So in the begining all the people on our course have discussed the themes and we agreed to go with a Freaky theme, which we called  "Freak like me" after that we've divided it into three other sections to make it more specific: Alien, Freak Doll and Fetish. After that we went to have a look at the clothes that we could use. All of the clothes have been produced by Fashion students graduates and i must say they have been truly amazing.
Here are just some of them that are my personal favourites:

Sunday, 26 February 2012


My friend, who is currently working for the bag's company promotion has invited me to be a model for this new campaign. I can't call myself a real model but i really like to pretend to be one. I just enjoy the whole process of walking around making sexy faces and seductive poses haha
but anyway i just wanted to share my friend's Gerard work and i'm really proud that i had a chance to work with him, i think he has his own style and unique ideas so here are some photos and videos of me walking around London and working this bag out