Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bill Cunningham

As i have a day off from work and the weather doesn't look very promisng,i decided to spend my time watching inspirational movies, and here is one, which i was absolutely amazed about, it's called Bill Cunningham New York and basically it's a documentary about a street style photographer who works in a New York Times, lives a very modest lifestyle and is absolutely inlove with clothes. 
 This kind of people are inspiring me to move forward no matter what and don't waste my energy, money and time on things that i don't need, the simpler you live the richer you are.
I highly recommend you guys to watch it, i will put a link here so you can watch it online

And here are some of my favourite's Bill Cunningham quotes:

- Fashion is the amour to survive everyday life-

- Money is the cheapest thing - liberty is the most expensive-

-He, who seeks beauty will find it-

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