Sunday, 20 November 2011

Being a stylist for one day

Instead of the usual 4 hours long lecture, we've been looking at the stylist role
how is it to be a stylist and what you have to do and how does this all work.

I really liked this practical session we've took the cameras, clothes with us and went outside to make some nice
 photos and create a stylish looks.
 I enjoyed this day, and i think i would like to consider being a stylist in a future.

Here is some photos, which i took, of course it was just a 1st time when i've been doing this seriously, usually we were dressing up with my friend and took photos of us just for fun, but i'm quite pleased with the result and hope you'll like it too xxx

Versace for H&M - H&M Winter 2011

After all the excitement and waiting people can finally see the final Versace collection for H&M.
To be honest I've never been a fan of  all these famous designers collaboration with the mass market.

It's not because of the clothes, it's more of a people reaction on it, suddenly they became obsessive with it, they want all of it without thinking do they really like this clothes or is it only because of a famous name involved? Personally i think that it's great opportunity for high-street shops they attract more and more customers, but for designers it's a really dangerous field to play, they target market is a people,who want and can pay for luxury lifestyle and Haute couture, and when they see that the brand which they're loyal to, suddenly create a collection for mass market brand, they don't want to have any relations with it, in their eyes it might lose its exclusive status.

As for H&M and Versace collaboration, people seem to go crazy, 30 minutes after it was launched all the clothes were gone, I've even read that in one city some of the women were hospitalized after they've been attacked in a cue by some lady,who seemed really wanted to get something from this collection. 
Honestly, I don't understand this, i mean i like some of the clothes, but i wouldn' say it's amazing collection just because it was designed by Versace. 
Anyway here is a video and photos of this new collection, i hope you can distinguish between what you really like and what is just famous name influence.

 The only things that i like from this collection are these two skirts and leather jacket, but i wouldn't sell my soul for it haha :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My new room

This year I've moved out from the halls and now i'm living in a small, but really nice house with another 4 girls,
i'm not really allowed to put something on the walls, but i just can't live in a plain room, i need to create a nice place, where i can relax and feel safe, and i think i've designed my room just the way how i wanted it to look like, the funny thing was that half of these staff aren't even mine, some of them are the gifts, some were broken      
like the lamp on a table, i just changed a light bulb and painted it. But i like that these stuff aren't new, because they have a history, and it's always nice to tell a funny story about how did i get this or that when somebody would ask me about it.

So come on in!

2030157_IMG_7277 (700x525, 340Kb)
2030157_IMG_7362 (700x525, 273Kb)
2030157_IMG_7296 (700x525, 259Kb)
2030157_IMG_7300 (700x525, 317Kb)

2030157_IMG_7349 (700x525, 224Kb)
2030157_IMG_7352 (700x525, 237Kb)
Status for life
2030157_IMG_7357 (700x525, 200Kb)
2030157_IMG_7361 (700x525, 256Kb)
2030157_IMG_7363 (700x525, 191Kb)
2030157_IMG_7365 (700x525, 255Kb)
2030157_IMG_7366 (700x525, 233Kb)

2030157_IMG_7367 (700x525, 245Kb)
ugly beauty
2030157_IMG_7371 (700x525, 282Kb)
2030157_6038112902_996b363a9b_b (700x525, 172Kb)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

And how do you judge the book?

From Russia with love

Her blog

Ulyana Sergeenko is my personal favourite of " it- girls" from Russia, she has incredible sense of style, and talent to look intelligent, and classy in every of her outfits. Her style is very feminine and simple, but because of the details and accessories it's very unique.
She's not only a talented photographer but also a a beginning designer. Her first Autumn/Winter collection 2011-2012 was just amazing. Ulyana is a truly inspirational woman for me, after looking photos of her, i want to go straight to my grandma wardrobe and make revision !
Here is some photos of her new collection

Her debut collection was inspired by the 1950s illustrations of Soviet Vogue, the lookbook of Russian. It's sort of a mixture of vintage and modern prints, which creates ladylike look.

Birdy - Skinny Love

I just recently has discovered this talented girl, and i'm already in love with her voice

 Image source: The Sun

Her name is Jasmine Van den Bogarde and she is just 16 years old, at her age i was still hanging around doing nothing basically (pretty much this is that i'm doing now as well) but hopefully she'll keep it up and we'll hear more of hear in a future

Thursday, 16 June 2011

how i tried to pretend to be a professional model

  My friend, who was studying a photography decided to try do a photo shoot in a " fashion magazine" style, and he asked me to be his model, and i though  to myself why not, it will be a good experience and a great story to tell my grandchildren when I'll be old.  
So, in spite of the pimple, which decided to pop out in the same day as a photo shoot, we had a really god time, and here is a result of our work, hope you'll like it!

this photo took us a while, because at the first time i couldn't do a serious, seductive face expression, because of the neighbour looking at us through the opposite window, probably thinking why do this girl is half naked,standing by herself at the wall, my photographer was hiding behind the curtains so he couldn't see him, and that's why he didn't understand why i was laughing so hard, but i think in the end we've made it, and i must say i didn't knew that i have this seductive look, thanks to my mum!:)

Photographer: Gerard Puigmal 
Model: Iveta (me)