Sunday, 8 April 2012

Freak like me

As you all aware i'm currently on my 2nd year studying Fashion Marketing and at one of our modules called Fashion Professional Practice we had to organise our own Fashion Show! First we have been devided into small teams that were responsible for a different sort of things, like PR campaign team, Styling, Fundraising and Online team. I was a member of  styling team what i was very happy about. We had to come up with a Fashion Show's theme and ideas, create looks for each theme and find a models for the actual show. So in the begining all the people on our course have discussed the themes and we agreed to go with a Freaky theme, which we called  "Freak like me" after that we've divided it into three other sections to make it more specific: Alien, Freak Doll and Fetish. After that we went to have a look at the clothes that we could use. All of the clothes have been produced by Fashion students graduates and i must say they have been truly amazing.
Here are just some of them that are my personal favourites:

Nicki Minaj type of jumpsuit
 Hand-made army style bag. God i wish i could make bags like this!
 Leather skirt

We had a bit more than 2 months to put it all together, and i must tell it has been very stressful, because it wasn't our only project and i had a part -time job as well, so it was a trully challenging  for all of us.
oh the joy of being a student!(sarcastic laugh) anyway i'm really happy with our final result and i hope my future career will go in the same direction! The feeling that you get of seeing the final result of all you hard work is amazing, you suddenly forget about all the stress and just become sad what it's all over now, i actually can't wait to see our University's Annual Fashion Graduates show, which is way more grandiose.
But anyway here are some photos from the backstage, because i didn't had a chance to see the actulal show, i have been helping models all the time and it was a really great life experience for me!i think during that day i've definately lost couple of pounds of all this running around haha, i didn't even had time to have a proper lunch -welcome to the Fashion World :)

2030157_IMG_7989_2_ (700x525, 285Kb)

2030157_IMG_7990_3_ (700x525, 272Kb)
2030157_IMG_7991_3_ (700x525, 254Kb)
2030157_IMG_7993_2_ (700x525, 288Kb)
2030157_IMG_8088_1_ (700x525, 230Kb)
2030157_IMG_8091_1_ (700x525, 256Kb)
2030157_IMG_8092_1_ (700x525, 319Kb)
2030157_IMG_8093_1_ (700x525, 278Kb)
2030157_IMG_8096_1_ (700x525, 274Kb)
2030157_IMG_8097_1_ (700x525, 256Kb)
2030157_IMG_8098_1_ (700x525, 300Kb)
2030157_IMG_8099_2_ (700x525, 276Kb)
2030157_IMG_8100_1_ (700x525, 300Kb)
2030157_IMG_8103_1_ (700x525, 230Kb)
2030157_IMG_8104_1_ (700x525, 256Kb)
2030157_IMG_8105_1_ (700x525, 277Kb)
2030157_IMG_8108_1_ (700x525, 257Kb)
2030157_IMG_8112_1_ (700x525, 261Kb)
2030157_IMG_8114_1_ (700x525, 233Kb)
2030157_IMG_8115_1_ (700x525, 321Kb)
2030157_IMG_8118 (700x525, 261Kb)
2030157_IMG_8121_1_ (700x525, 240Kb)
2030157_IMG_8147 (700x525, 225Kb)
2030157_IMG_8149 (700x525, 295Kb)
2030157_IMG_8157 (700x525, 229Kb)
2030157_IMG_8158 (700x525, 179Kb)
2030157_IMG_8163 (700x525, 298Kb)
2030157_IMG_8169 (700x525, 252Kb)
2030157_IMG_8178 (700x525, 274Kb)
2030157_IMG_8181 (700x525, 258Kb)
2030157_IMG_8185 (700x525, 314Kb)
2030157_IMG_8172 (700x525, 142Kb)
And really tired of a whole day of running but still happy me.
2030157_IMG_8188 (585x700, 198Kb)

Here are some more photos from the actual "Freak like me" Fashion Show - Freak like me- Disco Henry photos

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