Monday, 25 June 2012

New arrivals

Here are some of my recent purchases:

1.I've got this jumper for just £2 from a charity shop and it was absolutely new with a tags. The brand is called "The Orphan's Arms" that i never heard about before, but when i checked their website their have a pretty decent clothes, such a shame that they are too pricey -

2. Another nice jumper in 60's style, i will probably wear this jumper with black skirt and black skinny jeans with my hair up in a bow.

Small, black John Lewis bag which will be my 2nd small bag, because i'm so used to a massive bags, because i could put everything on earth in them, but there are some situations in what carrying a big bag could become a problem (like go out and dance with your huge "forever alone style" or accidently hit somebody, who is sitting in a busy bus with it while you're trying to get out- been there-done that).

And the last but not least, my old bag which i decided to renew a  bit and make it look crazy and immature just like its owner.

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