Saturday, 9 June 2012

Exhibition evening

I have officially finished my 2nd year of university guys! After the crazy night  of celebration, some of my housemates had moved out, so now it is only two of us in the house. At first we were very excited- the thought of that all house is ours made us really happy, because it means that we are not going to fight for the bathroom anymore and i can finally wear my old sweatpants and huge jumper- the outfit that just can't be worn in public haha 
But after couple of weeks the quietness got to us so me, my housemate and her friends decided to go to our University's annual Art exhibition where all the students who study design, fashion, photography and any other art related degree were showing their final work to everyone. 
It was my second time when I've been there, last year we went to see our Spanish friends' work and i really enjoyed that. I wasn't disappointed this time either! I love the atmosphere of the Art campus, people look very stylish, friendly and busy running up and down the "Fashion corridor", looking at them makes me so inspired and  creative. So anyway back to the exhibition i really liked the graphic design and illustration floor, i took a lots and lots of pictures so brace yourself people and i hope you will like them xxx

My first stop was a Fashion corridor, where i had an opportunity to look at some great pieces of clothing, accessories, footwear, sketches and graduates' portfolios.

The next stop was a graphic designers, illustrators and architects works.

The last section was paintings, short movies, photographies and some crazy art that i couldn't find the right category for it.

and here is a picture of what i wore that day.

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