Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My long journey to a healthy lifestyle

As i mentioned before i'm currently into clean eating and exercises, but it's not like i'm crazy about diets and sport, neither do i desperately want to lose weight.  The reason why i decided to do it is because i want to have a nice toned body (currently my body looks like a pale marshmallow) not be ashamed of wearing very tight clothes and just feel good about myself really. I also have been feeling very exhausted during all these assignments time in uni and i didn't want to get addicted to energy drinks and coffee, that's why i started to think about changing my eating habits, but taking only a small step at the time. 
 The fights with my weight started when i was 12 years old. At that time i was a bit chubby but everyone tried their hardest to make me feel the fates person on earth. After all the bullying at school, hearing some offensive comments from my friends or even getting "are you really gonna eat all that?" from my family make me so angry and upset that i stopped eating for some time at all, then i started to drink teas without sugar, trying some healthy dishes without going all fuuu.  And after some time i started to look slimmer, i think it was also because my body was still growing and i didn't really starve myself all time, i always have been eating sweets and i will eat sweets till the day i die, but my main point is that at that time it was easier to lose weight than now. To be honest i don't want to lose weight i just want to learn how to stop myself of eating everything tasty in the house in one day and be able to eat only at times when i'm really hungry.

So now my current favourites in food and drinks are fruit and vegetable smoothies, cream soups, whole grain cereals, oat porridge and egg omelette with tomatoes. As a snack i choose to go with nuts, rosins and bio yogurt.

My favourite smoothie recipes are:

1. 2 bananas, 1 apple, 100g of strawberries and a bit of lemon juice blended all together.

2. 50g of grapes, 100g of a different kind of berries and lettuce mix it all together and enjoy!

That's all with eating, for my workouts routine i'm doing a bit of aerobics just to worm up a bit and then i'm doing a 30 min exercise of Pop Pilates from Cassey's Youtube channel

I will put these videos here in case if you guys will want to try them out

1. For warm up

2. Pop Pilates for the whole body and  a summer slimdown programme

Sorry for the long post xxx

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