Monday, 28 May 2012

A day in the life

Hello everyone i can't believe i've just finished my 2nd year in university (one more year and hello scary  adult world) time goes  by so fast and i'm scared that i might miss something out in this life. That's why after my long depression in winter, awfully huge amount of work and lack of energy, i've decided to man up and get back to business. 

I know it will sound cheesy but I'm trying to  learn enjoy all the good things i have now and take the most of what i have. I've wrote a list of books  that i want and need to read, find old movies to watch and cheerful music to keep myself a  company. Moreover i've finally decided to get my chubby bum into shape, so i found those really challenging pilates workouts with a great, but annoyingly enthusiastic trainer that i'm trying to do at least three times a week, so i could finally start feeling those muscles growing ! I actually trying to eat clean as well but i'm really rubbish at it. I can't resist any form of chocolate or  Neapolitan's ice cream as well as PIZZA oh i'm definitely addicted to yummy food. But the good thing is that i learned to like healthy meals as well. So my current favourites are cream soups and smoothies. In my next post i'll tell about my long and sometimes challenging journey to a healthy lifestyle ^^
But going back to my main point, as part of my own way of getting back on track i've decided to say "yes" to any kind of opportunity that would come out. I will be working as a volunteer on a Vintage Festival in Jule as well as working as an assistant in a private hospital so i could earn some money for my "independent woman" lifestyle. But at the moment i've already applied for Jeffery West shoe competition and i don't know if i'll be successful or not but it always nice to think that you've tried your best. In addition to that i've been helping out at our university's UON Fashion Graduate Show that happened last week. To be honest i always get a bit over excited about everything and when i picture something in my head it is usually totally different of the reality. So i was a bit disappointed of doing basically nothing for whole day, apart of watching the actual show, taking pictures and eating a lot of free food. But overall i enjoyed talking to people, watching some talented fashion graduates designs and catching a tan outside, and this experience gonna look good on my cv as well, so no regrets just loove .
Anyway this post is already too long to keep you interested that's why it's a picture time now!

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