Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shoe museum

I have never been in a shoe museum before so when  i get there and
saw all these incredible designed shoes i literally couldn't breathe of excitement 
There'd been shoes from different decades, designers, in different styles, sizes and forms
i didn't even knew that there were such a types of shoes in this world
Some of them were far too crazy, but i would like to borrow some of them, i think they would definitely become centre of attention on a house party.

My personal favourites are Vivienne Westwood enormous high, green shoes and golden Dr. Martens

and after that we webt to the Fish market gallery,it is a place where you can buy a vintage clothes, home-made jam (which is absolutely delicious, i've tested!) and paintings from  the local talents
and you can do all these listening to the life music on stage at the same time

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