Sunday, 9 June 2013

Graze- nutritious goodness!

Living the life as an independent young adult can be quite unhealthy, due to chronic lack of time, messed up sleeping pattern (parties, deadlines, part-time job- ain't nobody got time for sleep!), unregulated eating habits and so on and so on. Therefore the idea of getting a box full of healthy cute snacks delivered straight to your door sounds like a perfect solution!

I randomly discovered Graze website from its promotional campaign on twitter where all the new customers can get their first box for free. All you need to do is register (you will be asked to give your credit card details, but you can delete it and cancel your automatic future deliveries straight after you'll receive your free box, as company  uses an automatic delivery plan), choose the healthy snacks you wish to receive and click order! The delivery is super quick and as i said you can cancel your future deliveries straight away if you don't want to pay. I must certainly will use Graze's lunch boxes in a future, once i'll get a proper graduate job (paid, i hope:D).

And let me show you the real evidence of these healthy cute things <3 font="">

1. The box itself contains 4 little boxes with different snacks like raisins, berries, flapjacks, nuts and crackers depends on what you put as your preferences on a website's menu really. You will also receive a little booklet with information about the company,detailed description of your snacks' energy value and couple of vouchers for your friends.

2. Here are the snacks that i've ordered: 

Sadly, berry flapjacks haven't survived my hunger attack, rip

If you, my dear readers like what you saw i have a voucher code that you can use to try this lovely snacks yourself :

Oh happy days! >_<

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