Monday, 10 June 2013

Free exhibitions are endless source of inspiration

....and alcohol hehe, to be honest our university's annual art and fashion exhibition is my favourite thing about being a student, it's like you get the chance to look at young talents, talk to them, take samples of their work before they will get famous. I absolutely looove the atmosphere in the art corridors, everyone is chilling, some are watching short films, others looking at interior designers' models, and there is me grabbing cute postcards, photos of artists to stick to my wall, you've saw it in my post about my room, and as you can see i have a bit of obsession to stick everything colourful what i come across to straight to my walls! (I have no idea how am i gonna take it all off to be honest, my landlady will be maad) But back to art, unfortunately i was to busy chatting, so i forgot to take a lot of photos, but here is some of them that i managed to take, i hope you'll like them ^^

My friend who finally has finished her interior design degree woop woop!

This was our favourite photography stand. Surfing, travelling and adventures with friends scenarios of his work, made me want to do all of these things right now!

I've finally met the internet famous bad joke eel, my excited face just says it all :D

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