Sunday, 20 November 2011

Versace for H&M - H&M Winter 2011

After all the excitement and waiting people can finally see the final Versace collection for H&M.
To be honest I've never been a fan of  all these famous designers collaboration with the mass market.

It's not because of the clothes, it's more of a people reaction on it, suddenly they became obsessive with it, they want all of it without thinking do they really like this clothes or is it only because of a famous name involved? Personally i think that it's great opportunity for high-street shops they attract more and more customers, but for designers it's a really dangerous field to play, they target market is a people,who want and can pay for luxury lifestyle and Haute couture, and when they see that the brand which they're loyal to, suddenly create a collection for mass market brand, they don't want to have any relations with it, in their eyes it might lose its exclusive status.

As for H&M and Versace collaboration, people seem to go crazy, 30 minutes after it was launched all the clothes were gone, I've even read that in one city some of the women were hospitalized after they've been attacked in a cue by some lady,who seemed really wanted to get something from this collection. 
Honestly, I don't understand this, i mean i like some of the clothes, but i wouldn' say it's amazing collection just because it was designed by Versace. 
Anyway here is a video and photos of this new collection, i hope you can distinguish between what you really like and what is just famous name influence.

 The only things that i like from this collection are these two skirts and leather jacket, but i wouldn't sell my soul for it haha :)


  1. Ой, у нас все тоже с ума сходят по таким коллекциям, но многие реально покупают потому, что это типа Версаче.

  2. агага как будто это настоящие брендовые вещи, понты да и только.


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