Saturday, 12 November 2011

My new room

This year I've moved out from the halls and now i'm living in a small, but really nice house with another 4 girls,
i'm not really allowed to put something on the walls, but i just can't live in a plain room, i need to create a nice place, where i can relax and feel safe, and i think i've designed my room just the way how i wanted it to look like, the funny thing was that half of these staff aren't even mine, some of them are the gifts, some were broken      
like the lamp on a table, i just changed a light bulb and painted it. But i like that these stuff aren't new, because they have a history, and it's always nice to tell a funny story about how did i get this or that when somebody would ask me about it.

So come on in!

2030157_IMG_7277 (700x525, 340Kb)
2030157_IMG_7362 (700x525, 273Kb)
2030157_IMG_7296 (700x525, 259Kb)
2030157_IMG_7300 (700x525, 317Kb)

2030157_IMG_7349 (700x525, 224Kb)
2030157_IMG_7352 (700x525, 237Kb)
Status for life
2030157_IMG_7357 (700x525, 200Kb)
2030157_IMG_7361 (700x525, 256Kb)
2030157_IMG_7363 (700x525, 191Kb)
2030157_IMG_7365 (700x525, 255Kb)
2030157_IMG_7366 (700x525, 233Kb)

2030157_IMG_7367 (700x525, 245Kb)
ugly beauty
2030157_IMG_7371 (700x525, 282Kb)
2030157_6038112902_996b363a9b_b (700x525, 172Kb)


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