Thursday, 16 June 2011

how i tried to pretend to be a professional model

  My friend, who was studying a photography decided to try do a photo shoot in a " fashion magazine" style, and he asked me to be his model, and i though  to myself why not, it will be a good experience and a great story to tell my grandchildren when I'll be old.  
So, in spite of the pimple, which decided to pop out in the same day as a photo shoot, we had a really god time, and here is a result of our work, hope you'll like it!

this photo took us a while, because at the first time i couldn't do a serious, seductive face expression, because of the neighbour looking at us through the opposite window, probably thinking why do this girl is half naked,standing by herself at the wall, my photographer was hiding behind the curtains so he couldn't see him, and that's why he didn't understand why i was laughing so hard, but i think in the end we've made it, and i must say i didn't knew that i have this seductive look, thanks to my mum!:)

Photographer: Gerard Puigmal 
Model: Iveta (me)

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