Saturday, 22 May 2010

let get this party started

Hello to my all future readers
I would like to start my blog from introducing myself, 
but before that i would like to apologize for my English grammar and spelling
I've just moved to England, to study and this is my very first time, when i'm living on my own, apart from my friend, family and cat, so please, please correct me if you'll see any mistakes and don't be to harsh on me.
So, my name is Iveta, but since i moved to England everyone started to call me Evie, because it's easier to remember.
I'm 18 years old and
I'm interested in fashion and photography, but as i can't professionally draw and make things
I've decided to study a Fashion Marketing, and do a photography as my hobby.
I already have my flickr and tumblr accounts, so i decided why not to have my own blog now, where i could post my photos, thoughts,ideas, basically all things that i like and am interested in.
So i hope you will like it and it 
will be legeen......wait for it......daryy

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